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Pispala Schottische International Folklore Festival 15–19 June 2022

In June 2022, International Folklore Festival Pispalan Sottiisi will offer folklore in many forms: lively dance, intense rhythms, exotic musical instruments, and gorgeous costumes. The program includes, for example, concerts, workshops, and dances by both Finnish and international artists. The festival expects to have about 1000 participants and 15 000 visitors.

Pispalan Sottiisi International Folklore Festival is the most significant international folk dance festival in Northern Europe. Since 1970, it has taken place every second year in Tampere, the third largest city in Finland. The festival is organized by the Finnish Youth Association and the City of Tampere.

Welcome to the Pispala Schottische festival!

The international folk dance festival, organised in Tampere on June 15–19, combines the magic of movement with the power of nature. The theme of the festival is the “Nature of Dance”, which focuses on the relationship between humans and nature.

The event features entertaining free concerts, fascinating joint programmes, spectacular indoor concerts, and a delightful evening dance event – and this year, responsible choices are also at the heart of the event!

Come and explore the nature of dance!

Pispala Schottische 2022 opening ceremony

Laikunlava stage, Puutarhakatu 1
Free concert. 

The opening of the Pispala Schottische festival will be celebrated once again on the Laikunlava stage! The event will be opened with the Pispala Schottische festival theme music, like every year.
The opening ceremony will feature a performance by PRO (from the Turun Kansantanssin Ystävät association), which was nominated Pispala Schottische Folk Dance Ensemble of the Year 2022. PRO is known as an interpreter of folk couple dance and a pioneer of Finnish folk dance. A group of young dancers from Estonia, Hebe, will also perform at the event. Kis Malom Tánccsopor (HU) consist of young adults between 14 and 17 years old

Accessible entry.

Siepakat Edustus, avajaiset 2018. Kuva: Riina Tanskanen

Valtikka vaihtuu (“Passing of the Torch”)

Custom's hall (Tullikamarin Pakkahuone)
June 17, 8:00 PM

The “Valtikka vaihtuu” concert will feature two Pispala Schottische Folk Dance Ensembles of the Year.

PRO from the Turun Kansantanssin Ystävät association was chosen as Pispala Schottische Folk Dance Ensemble of the Year in 2022. PRO is known as an interpreter of folk couple dance and a pioneer of Finnish folk dance. PRO will feature two ensembles at the concert. “Ai mää vai? is a relaxed and cheerful dance piece compiled by Kaisa Poikajärvi. Elena Vuoksiola’s piece, “Annikaisen virsi”, is based on a sensitive folk ballad, in which Annikainen, a girl from Turku, finds herself in love with the wrong man.

Kimurantti, Pispala Schottische Folk Dance Ensemble of the Year 2020, will pass the torch to PRO through dance. Kimurantti will present a piece called “Naapurin Ville”, a story set in Lappeenranta in the 1970s. The piece tells about youth, zest for life, and the courage to follow our dreams.

The concert ticket also allows you to participate in the evening dance event, which starts immediately after the concert.

Accessible entry.

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PRO. Kuva: Carita Berg.

“Maailman tuulia” concert (“Tunes from the World”)

Custom's hall (Tullikamarin Pakkahuone)
June 18, 8:00 PM

Santasport’s dance students will perform a dance theatre piece called “Rovaniemen markkinoilla 22”. The piece tells the story of the famous Rovaniemi Fair, which has brought new innovations, high-quality luxury products, entertainment, and exoticism to Lapland since the 19th century.

Pähiät from Oulu will perform a piece called “Omakuva (“Self-Portrait”) at the concert. The piece, choreographed by Elena Vuoksiola, is inspired by the self-portraits of Ellen Thesleff and Helene Schjerfbeck. The piece is dedicated to anyone who has ever wondered if they are good enough just as they are.

Siepakat Juniorit is an energetic group of young dancers. The group will perform pieces called “Kruga” and “Kasutska”, choreographed by Tommi Semeri and composed by Jukka Hannula.

The concert will also feature a musical greeting from the Fest Afrika Festival. Cheza Ngoma and Menard Mponda will perform a piece called “WARRIOR”. The piece tells the story of women who stay home when war breaks out and men are forced to go into battle.

The concert ticket also allows you to participate in the evening dance event, which starts immediately after the concert.

Accessible entry.

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Hebe. Kuva: Kertu Alvre.

dance performance in Näsinpuisto

Näsinpuisto Park, Näsijärvenkatu, Tampere
Free concert

The joint programme for adults at the Pispala Schottische festival 2022 explores our relationship and connection with nature through dance. The “Haapa” dance performance will be held in Näsinpuisto park. The performance and the dancers will move from one scene to another in the park, and the audience can move around and watch the performance from different vantage points.

The audience can support the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and the protection of aspens, the trees that inspired this performance, by making a donation to 77220 via Mobilepay.

No unobstructed access.

Festival information

Festival area

The Pispala Schottische festival will be held in the centre of Tampere, and the event venues will be located close to each other. The festival area can be accessed on foot, by bike, or public transport. You can find the routes and timetables for trams and buses in Tampere at:


Tickets for the concerts held at the old Customs Hall’s (Tullikamari) Pakkahuone event venue are available from

Advance tickets for other festival events can be purchased from the Finnish Youth Association’s online store: www.puoti.nuorisoseurat.fi. One hour before the start of the event tickets can only be purchased at the entrance.

Health and safety

At Pispala Schottische festival events, we follow the current official guidelines regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s ensure a safe and pleasant festival for everyone!

We want to make sure that everyone feels safe at the Pispala Schottische festival. We respect each other and treat everyone equally. We strive not to make assumptions about the gender, sexual orientation, or family relationships of other participants at the event. We welcome new people without prejudice. If we detect any inappropriate behaviour, we will notify the festival staff.

 If you feel that you have been treated inappropriately and we have not been able to address it, please contact us at info@sottiisi.net.

For international artists

Pispalan Sottiisi is known for interesting and skillful international artists around the world. On each festival, several international artist groups represent their own cultural heritage for festival participants and the audience. Pispalan Sottiisi is a member of CIOFF, the International Council of Organizations for Folklore Festivals and Folk Art.

Contact information

Director   Jukka Heinämäki    
Tel. +358 50 526 8957    

Producer  Jaana Kari

Tel. +358 50 409 8332



Nuorisoseurat - The Finnish Youth Association is the most significant cultural child and youth work organization in Finland. Over 40 000 members participate in its activities. 

The organization of Pispalan Sottiisi festival will continue to follow the evolvement of the coronavirus pandemic and act responsibly according to the prevailing decrees in the preparations of the event.

Keskustori, Tampere, Finland c) Petri Kivinen

Voskresenie (RU) & Cifrosko (SK) 2018 c) Riina Tanskanen

Balatonfüred (HU) 2018 c) Riina Tanskanen

c) Petri Kivinen